About Anu

Since 1997, Anu Internet Services have been dedicated to providing our clients with customised hosting solutions that are tailored to meet individual needs and budgets.

Company Info
Anu Internet Services Limited is registered in England. Our company number is 5448643 and our VAT registration number is GB850626823

We are a privately held company incorporated in 2005.

Anu Clients
Our client base consists mainly of small to medium-sized businesses. Many of our clients are Web developers and IT professionals who have chosen to outsource the hosting element of their business to us. Others have in-house IT personnel who have chosen to utilise our hosting expertise in order to free up their valuable time. Read about Anu success stories.

Our International Clientele
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Anu Internet Services was founded in 1997 and quickly emerged as the main provider of dial-up Internet access in the west of Ireland. As the wonderful and slow era of dial-up was nearing its life cycle, Anu began to shift focus towards web and email hosting. Very quickly, web hosting began to emerge as the new core business. During the early days of hosting, Anu used Apple Mac computers running WebStar and EIMS e-mail software. This worked brilliantly during the infancy stage of the World Wide Web. However, with all of the advantages of an increasingly mature web also came the disadvantages of performance and security issues. Viruses, spam, script kiddies, web security (or lack thereof) became a real problem for website owners. Around this same time, Chris Wik, a long-time Linux advocate had just become the full-time manager at Anu. Chris understood that the emergence of a more mature web required a sophisticated hosting environment, so in 2003 he began the necessary task of upgrading Anu's infrastructure.

Present and Future
In 2005, Chris officially took the reigns of Anu and incorporated as a limited company in England. By this time, all the servers had been moved to two state of the art data centres in Amsterdam. This move has placed Anu customers at the heart of the largest Internet exchange in the world. Additionally, Chris has instituted a rolling three year life cycle on all Anu servers to ensure maximum reliability and stability. All Anu services now operate on state of the art servers running the Linux operating system. If you’re interested in reading more about Chris’ musings on Linux and related software, you can read about it in his blog.

Under the directorship of Chris, Anu has truly become an international company. The physical presence and company incorporation is based in Bristol, England with a team of top notch administration and receptionists contracted to keep the business running smoothly. Chris initially spent time in Amsterdam setting up the data centre infrastructure in two Amsterdam colocation centres, but has since passed on the torch to Anu's dedicated server supplier and on-call maintenance gurus who are permanently located in Amsterdam.

Having successfully set up the core infrastructure in Amsterdam, Chris currently resides in Switzerland where he is concentrating on expanding Anu’s international portfolio by managing the setup of server infrastructures in Germany, Ireland, and the USA as well as maintaining the daily running of the current systems.