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passionate about hosting.
Global Support, Local Servers

Anu operate our own standards based virtualisation infrastructure from datacenters in Chicago (usa1), Dallas (usa2), Amsterdam West (ams1), Amsterdam South (ams2), London (uk1) and Sydney (au1).

Managed Servers
Managed Servers

Linux virtual servers are the building blocks upon which we design solutions to your challenges.

From a standard LAMP stack to clustered high availability configurations, our managed servers provide a robust, secure and high performance environment to host your Website or application.

Proactive monitoring, daily backup, managed security updates, firewall, stack configuration and performance optimisation are just a few of our standard features.

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Did you know?

Our Web Hosting packages are so powerful and flexible that they are used by companies as small as a one-man shop and as large as a London borough.

Web hosting
Web Hosting

With automatic installation of WordPress and dozens of other popular packages our Web Hosting accounts offer a simple, cost effective way to launch your product or business site.

Our service includes managed security, automatic software updates, daily backups and our signature Smart Hands technical support.

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GitLab CE

We love automation. Allow us to write you a beautiful custom CI (Continuous Integration) script to automatically build, test and deploy your code to staging and production environments. All you have to do is make a commit from your IDE and the job's done!

devops solutions
DevOps solutions

Devops Solutions Services help accelerate development and deployment through automation and flexible software delivery mechanisms.

Let our experts take care of the complexities of repository setup and continuous integration scripting so you can focus on development.

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Global Support

On-site network operations teams ensure uninterrupted service each of our carefully selected datacenter locations around the world. Our customer support team is split between Europe and New Zealand, offering around the clock coverage.

hosted email
Hosted Email

Hosted Email for small/medium businesses, professionals and freelancers who need email addresses on their own domain name.

Create accounts for individuals, roles and departments with our flexible mailbox and alias configuration system.

We guarantee safe, fast, spam-free email with powerful double anti-virus engines and filtering capabilities.

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Features you'll love

From automatic security patching of WordPress, free SSL/TLS certificates, SSH access to run composer or use git, to the latest and fastest PHP versions, our reseller packages include everything needed to make a developer's job easy.

hosting for resellers
Hosting for Resellers

Do you provide Web design or development services? Make your life easy by allowing us to take care of the hosting.

By reselling our services you can offload all the headaches of running your servers to us so you can focus on what you do well.

And since our reseller packages are so reasonably priced, there's plenty of scope to add a reasonable mark-up to your retail prices so you can share a slice of the pie.

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You're in control

Full control over your data. Increase productivity and improve collaboration with simple, flexible and secure file and folder sharing.

Hosted NextCloud
Hosted NextCloud

NextCloud is an open source self hosted productivity platform. Convenient exchange of documents, remote storage of files in the cloud and collaboration with content.

With our NextCloud solution your data is encrypted at rest and you have full control over access rights to your server.

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